How to Relieve Bloating While Pregnant

In general, each gas has on your body, similar conditions experienced by pregnant women often experience a greater increase in gas compared to normal conditions. Gas in the stomach is actually the natural result of the process of digestion, so if the excess is often coupled with the condition that you are pregnant will cause inconvenience in doing the activity. In one study the presence of a mixture of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, methane and carbon dioxide that causes stomach flatulence found. There are four ways you can do in a gas expense of the body, first with the salt, both through the anus, then re-absorbed by the body or consumed by bacteria in the gut. Pregnant women often experience abdominal So why swelling and how the solution so as not to interfere with the activity?

Pregnant women often experience bloating while pregnant due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the hormone progesterone during pregnancy is increased from the normal state, so that would make relax muscle tissue, as well as the digestive tract of pregnant women. Relaxation that occurs will slow down the digestion process so that the pregnant woman resulting in increased gas, stomach containing gas will lead to bloating and frequent belching. This condition will make pregnant women complain because the stomach feel full and uncomfortable in performing daily activities. Exacerbated during pregnancy, the greater the development of the uterus which will cause a lot of cavities that cause digestive process becomes too late and the impact on the stomach feel full. In addition, the amount of gas in the abdomen during pregnancy can be caused by incoming air while eating or entry of bacteria into the large intestine through which food is digested. However, most of the gas in the body is produced by bacteria that destroy the remnants of food after ingested but not perfect, when pregnant digestion will be slow and require a longer time to digest, can aggravate flatulence. 

Some ways you can do to overcome flatulence during pregnancy that is by chewing food well and do not talk when eating because the air will cause the risk of entering into the stomach. In addition, there are several ways you can do to prevent the stomach feel full or bloated, namely: 
  1. When pregnant, you should not consume foods in the amount that is too much because it will make you quickly feel bloated. A good diet during pregnancy should be in small amounts but often. 
  2. Avoid foods or drinks that contain a lot of gas that can make your stomach bloated, like tape, durian, soda and others. 
  3. You should wear clothing that is loose and comfortable so as not to overcrowd in the stomach and waist pregnant women. 
  4. Consider exercises that are beneficial to your health and assist relaxation so easy to breathe properly. Thus will make a comfort when you breathe, thus affecting the amount of air ingested in the body part. 
  5. Do exercise such as walking in the morning so it aids digestion and breathing well 

Thus for pregnant women who often complain of abdominal bloating due to unavoidable uncomfortable in ways that can be done easily and safely on the sidelines of your activity time. 

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